Sri Lanka to Uligan Island

We left Galle Harbour after a bureaucratic problem had been resolved The problem was that we had not left the evening before because of the bad weather and so departure date was different on the forms ! We finally motored at 09.20 away in fine weather and light winds but once away from the lee of the land the wind picked up and by 13.00 that day we had 25 knots from the north east . We proceeded to a very rough night as the wind increased and the sea built . This lasted quite long enough for us until late the following evening but apparently the wind funnels through the Palk strait between Sri Lanka and India and is often strong in that area .Surprisingly the wind changed to the WSW on the nose on the third day which was awkward but at least it was only about 13 kts so we just had to be patient as we needed to conserve our fuel as much as possible so sailed rather than motored .Finally the NE wind resumed on the last day and we had a nice sail to Uligan and arrived at 17.30 just in daylight and anchored of the island in 18 metres .Anchoring is tricky with so much coral once again Hobson springs to mind.There were usual casualties of a passage this time the wind generator and the fuel generator and also the new computer we had bought for the trip with all the on board e-mail system and weather on it ! Uligan is a very basic strictly Muslim island so no chance of any repairs here ! Hopefully we can repair the generator as we have offers of help from the other boats here.

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2 Responses to Sri Lanka to Uligan Island

  1. paul and sally-anne shelton says:

    all sounds fabby dabby do. I have just read William Hickey’s memoirs, he was an C18th rake who got sent off to to India in the service of the east india company. He sailed to and from India and past Ceylon (sic) a few times. He gives the most vivid descriptions of terrible storms, ones that would take the ship all the way twds Indonesia…so it sounds in comparison that you are having it ok so far. No comment on Richard W’s earlier comment on the problem with the screw. Had dinner with Glyn week before last – he is well. cheers from both of us, abt to go to Spain for half term

  2. Josephine Davies says:

    Sorry to hear that you have had more mechanical problems.

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