Nongsa Point to Keppel Marina Singapore 12th November 2018: the final leg of our circumnavigation.

We left Nongsa Point on Monday 12th for the final journey of our circumnavigation. The morning was fine weather, no rain squalls in sight and we were away by 10.00 with all documents in order. We motor sailed west along the industrialised north coast of Batam  through very dirty water and a small oil slick until we reached the crossing channel through the Singapore Strait to the north side . The channel is extremely busy but the traffic separation scheme puts some order into the busyness and we made it across easily into the western anchorage which we remembered well from our arrival in 2010 . We anchored and the police boat arrived immediately followed by immigration but we managed lunch in between the visits and documents were exchanged by hand, no fishing net this time. We then headed towards Keppel Marina for our ETA of 15.00 and were helped into our berth by the staff and felt we had now really completed our circumnavigation arriving 8 years almost to the day after we had arrived here in 2010 . We felt a strange mixture of a sense of achievement and unreality mixed with relief and then what is the next adventure, knowing that any could only be a poor second to this one.

Singapore in the haze.

A big thank you to our many friends and family who have contributed to this adventure and made it happen and be such fun, and to all those who have followed Baringo’s Blog .

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3 Responses to Nongsa Point to Keppel Marina Singapore 12th November 2018: the final leg of our circumnavigation.

  1. Jeremy Vevers says:

    Well done. Oh you will find something else.

  2. Gilly says:

    Congratulations John and Julia – a great achievement! We look forward to catching up with you both soon. Love from Sam & Gilly currently in the Sahara desert!

  3. Ian Wormald says:

    I have sent your website URL to Roger Boyle in the hope you will be reunited. It was wonderful to meet you both albeit at Jim’s Thanksgiving. Best wishes, Ian Wormald

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