Voyages on Baringo III July 3rd – 23rd July 2022

Baringo is now berthed at Port Pin Rolland ,Saint Mandrier-sur-Mer under the care of Dream Yacht Charters.

Our first sail this year was marred by our car breaking down trying to return to London from Saint Mandrier to attend the launch of Henry’s second book “ Voltrush “ . We left the car in a garage for repairs in the middle of France near Troyes and returned to Baringo by train to meet Vanessa, Antony and Edward for their sailing holiday, Edward’s first. They arrived in Marseilles and stayed the first two nights in the local hotel the Rive D’Or and luxuriated on the beautiful beach Les Sablettes for the first day . On tuesday we  sailed to Baie de Meljean about one hour across the Petit Rade de Toulon and anchored for the night. Edward was delighted with his cabin and promptly made it his den and the boat his playground. We all swam in the delightfully clear warm water and used the paddle board in all its functions.

The next morning we sailed to Les Porquerolles a group of beautiful island just off the coast which are a natural reserve and wonderfully well preserved despite the many tourists who come by ferry from Toulon. We were able to stay at anchor after Antony made the brilliant suggestion of using the paddle board pump to inflate the dinghy. The usual pump which we had in fact exchanged for one we thought would work failed miserably and  faced with a very soft soggy dingy our spirits fell thinking we could not get ashore. The paddle pump fitted  perfectly and the day was saved. We had a wonderful time swimming and paddling and using the paddle with its  kayak fitting as well. We cycled around the island first with Edward in a small trailer and the next day with him in a seat. The drivers both opted for electric bikes for this! The paths are quite deserted once off the beaten track leading through vineyards and forests but usually finishing after a hot ride on one of the many beautiful beaches on the island.

We left early on Saturday  16th as a strong wind was predicted later in the day but we managed a lunch stop at Baie de Meljean and by the time that was over the wind did not materialise so we motored back to Saint Mandrier. The last day was spent on the beach again and Vanessa Antony and Edward departed for Marseilles in a rather glamorous taxi for their flight home on sunday 17th July.

We had a few days left of our charter so decided to sail westward and visited Sanary-sur-Mer which was a delightful old fashioned town where Aldous Huxley had spent his later years .We then ventured a little further to Bandol but could not anchor close enough to get ashore but it was a pleasant anchorage and not too crowded. We had a visit from the local eco warriors which was an encouraging sign. We returned to Port Pin Rolland on 22nd July.

Sanary Sur Mer
Sanary sur Mer at night.

Our car was still in Troyes and we had agreed with the insurance that it was easier for us to hire a car one way with all our sailing kit, collect our  car then drive directly back to Chamonix . We collected the car after 3000 euros of repairs, unloaded the hire car, loaded our own car, returned the hire car and set off  for Chamonix. Two hours later the same engine problem occurred again, the car would not accelerate so we had to be towed off the autoroute for the second time in as many weeks and this time into a garage in the middle of nowhere on one of the busiest Saturday afternoons of the holiday season!  The only way out of there was a super fast taxi to Le Tour! The car was again moved to a Subaru garage later where they discovered that a critical air pipe had not been tightened. 

So for a sailing trip there were rather more problems on the road rather than the sea!

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