Departure to Maldives 15th january

At last I think we are ready to leave the comfort of Phuket for the high seas .We are anchored in Nai Harn bay on the SW end of Phuket and after several days of yet more preparation we are hoping to leave tomorrow .Many of you may wonder what could there be left to do but we have bought a basic diving kit in case we get trapped by fishing net and have bought yet more provisions because the rumour has it there is almost nothing to buy in terms of fruit vegetables and spares between here and Europe .Our delay allowed us to see Henry  off back to Beijing and Vanessa back to Sudan so that was a definate bonus .It alos seems the weather has not been good in Sri LWe have met the other boats on the TTT and had a briefing from our leader Rene Thiemesson who has a beautiful boat ” Alondra ”  a 60′ ketch . We will head south of the Nicobar islands and Sri Lanka and then NW towards the Maldives .We are enjoying a cocktail on the verandah in the Royal Meridien Yacht Club with a beautiful view over the bay and Baringo …a suitably fitting farewell to an excellent sojourn . The voyage should take about 10days so watch this space !

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3 Responses to Departure to Maldives 15th january

  1. Jane Houng says:

    Bon Voyage!

  2. Wishing you a safe journey to Galle in Sri Lanka. We are friends of the Davies and Malcolm and Glynis. Now in Tasmania on Aqualuna, with David de Kantzow on board. We left the BWR when we got to Mackay in September. Hope you have fun with everybody. Let us know how the passage went/goes. Have just read some other blogs and seems they had a rough time across. With all good wishes Gabbie and Jonathan.

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