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We had an eventful July in the UK and France with Abi Winter’s wedding in Bosham and Nicci Button’s birthday party in the 1920s in Hong Kong (aka Digswell ), two really  enjoyable and memorable occasions  On 1st August we left France and returned to Cagliari to find Baringo still afloat in St.Elmo’s marina .


washing day in St Elmo marina


We changed our modus vivendi from land to sea over the next few days without too much difficulty and had the engine checked over to ensure all the trouble caused in Turkey was over .After recovering from the excesses of  the  July celebrations we  hired bikes from the marina for a  day and explored the city easily and pleasantly  .It is a curious mixture of faded charm and ugly modern but the small narrow alleys of the old city are full of interest .The churches are numerous and the main cathedral very ornate in baroque style.There are traces of the roman and Spanish history and one can easily forget it is Italy ..the people are definitely Sardo.

baroque cathedral art Cagliari







Torre d’elephantine Cagliari








Antico caffe where DH Lawrence penned a few words.







With all the work that could be finished  completed …it is never all done of course we left the marina on Monday  August 7 and returned to the  anchorage in Rio Salinas just a few miles further east along the south coast . We had anchored there for the night on the way in to Cagliari in July .A very pleasant large bay exposed to the south but although it was quite roly –poly we had a reasonable first night out.

We are planning to travel up the east coast to Olbia to meet Sam and Gilly Mc Bride and cruise the north east Sardinian coast and offshore islands and then cross to Minorca .So the fun should start with a vengeance of this more news later!


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