Angst in Aden 28.03.2011 -31.03.201

Sadly closer inspection of Aden only revealed more dirt, squalor and danger. There was a smell and atmosphere of imminent trouble. Aden consists of several small townships linked by rather dangerous curving roads between the large rocky outcrops which are such a significant geographical feature of the area. Aden must have one of the largest collection of old cars most on the road were at least 30 years old and there were many Peugeot 505s which we remember so well from West Africa. We were anchored off the Prince of Wales pier under a small look alike of Big Ben still called little Big Ben! There was a small township Tawahi just behind our anchorage which was good for provisioning for fresh fruit and there were other small shops but they seemed to be full of things one did not want, for example one had a cabinet full of TV remote controllers! We did have an excellent meal there where they baked amazingly delicious flat bread in the oven which came straight to the table accompanied by grilled fish.

We did venture into Khormaksar to a shopping mall for the internet and supermarket. It was like a short trip back to the 1950s with so many shops displaying 1950s style ball gowns.It seems the ladies wear these at home as outside they are all in black burquas, certainly most of the dresses would not have fitted under a burqua.The atmosphere was slightly uneasy so that was our only excursion.

The people were very friendly and the standard of English good enough to chat but most seemed much fed up with their situation and could only hope for a better future. It appears from the news the unrest continues in Yemen so I think we were lucky to have an uneventful stay.

"little Ben" in Aden

another view of Aden- a fine natural harbour

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1 Response to Angst in Aden 28.03.2011 -31.03.201

  1. Chris and Monica S/Y Samasan says:

    Well done – you have our greatest respect, even though you are both quite nuts!
    Chris and Monica

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